Date for Ticket Sales

Jan 7th, 2018

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Date for Ticket Sales

We plan to open our ticket sales on 31st January in order to allow a good period of time to do things like order T-Shirts and (critically for everyone) sort out the catering for the day.

In common with all free conferences, we had a bit of an issue last year with some people booking large numbers of tickets and then not taking up on them or being prepared to surrender them back to the community, and then not actually turning up on the day.

Whilst this didn’t prevent the conference from being a big success, it was a shame that we ended up with over 100 people on the waiting list who never managed to get a ticket.

So this year we have decided to take a slightly different approach and we will be charging £15 for professional attendees. This does not apply to students (anyone with a email address), and students outside the UK or anyone who genuinely would have difficulty in paying this small amount can contact us for a free ticket. Payment for tickets will be handled through Eventbrite

For your money you will be getting a goodie bag with a nice T-Shirt plus anything our sponsors chose to add, breakfast, coffee, lunch and lots of great talks. Any money left over will be saved to make sure we get a great venue for the 2019 conference which will be back in Edinburgh.

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