When will the conference take place?

Friday 7th April 2017.


Where will the venue be?

Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh – see venue section.


Duration of the conference?

As this is our first conference, we are going for a one day event, but we hope that in subsequent years we can extend this to two days.  We will be holding it on a Friday to make it easier for those who want to see a bit more of Scotland to stay over the weekend.


How much will it cost?

It’s a free event for the benefit of the whole community.


What talks will there be?

We are having three tracks, focusing on technical security subjects (including secure development), and InfoSec subjects such as policy, risk, audit etc. We are having two keynotes (from Stephen Bonner and Ken Munro), some workshops and hopeful some other events (such as capture the flag, competitions etc.).


What help will there be with travel, accommodation etc?

We will be publishing some details on how to get to Edinburgh and the venue.  There isn’t an official conference hotel but there are special rates on a number of hotels as deals from the RCP venue (see the section on this site)

How about your code of conduct?

You can find this here.

How do I get to speak?

Apart from the keynotes which will be by invitation, all talks will be submitted via a Call for Papers which opened in October 2016 and closes 19th Feb 2017.  They will then be reviewed by a panel of security people from different fields and selected on the basis of merit and conference balance (to get a good mix of talks across a variety of subjects).  We are particularly interested in getting submissions from women, who are usually greatly under-represented at this type of event.  All applicants, successful and unsuccessful will be notified promptly and will be given plenty of time to prepare their presentation.

When will tickets become available?

We are sold out now but you can join the waitlist on Eventbrite.

How can I become a sponsor?

We were hoping you would ask that….  Sponsorship packs with all the details are currently available – but act quickly because there is a lot to organize and we are getting quite close to the big day now.  We still have an opportunity for a sponsor to cover an after conference party.