It’s the Crypto-Cake Challenge

So for this year you will notice when you come to reception that you will see a very large cake.  This has a code printed on the icing which will also be duplicated in your program as a QR Code and is encrypted in RC4 format.

There will be a double challenge associated with the cake.  Firstly, if you visit all our sponsors you will receive the answers to some questions which will make up the key which can be used to decrypt the code on the cake.  You can also try to work them out for yourselves, but getting the correct format may be a bit difficult.  We can tell you it will be encrypted using an RC4 algorithm.

The second and more difficult challenge would be….  We are always as professional pen testers saying that the RC4 algorithm is insecure.  If anyone can crack the code without the answers to the questions which allow the key to be generated and show us the workings of how they have done it (which will be checked by our resident cryptographer) they will win the overall prize and be for ever feted in song and story.

Regardless – the Crypto-Cake will be served up with coffee during the afternoon break at the conference.