Thank you Secarma

Mar 13th, 2018

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Thank you Secarma

Secarma have kindly sponsored the conference and our goodie bags which have now arrived and which you can see in the photo with the wristbands and Heilan’ Coo (for English people and other foreigners – that is “Highland Cow”.)

Paul Ritchie of Secarma gave me this quote….

“Secarma are a global team of penetration testing & red teaming experts who safeguard the prosperity of businesses of all sizes. From those taking the first steps towards cyber maturity, to those looking to take their practices to the next level by having us simulate the realistic threats they face.

While our testers are located globally, we have 12 full time staff based out of Scotland and are passionate about events such as BSides Glasgow.

The cyber security communities in Scotland such as: Glasgow and Edinburgh Defcon chapters, OWASP Scotland, Edinburgh 2600, as well as all the student societies are all growing and doing magnificent things. These communities are vital, vibrant and essential.

Ours is an industry of curiosity and intellectual challenges. Passing on what you know to others is Secarma’s challenge to everyone reading this. Everybody started somewhere, and every single one of you has something interesting to say. Write your notes as if you are teaching somebody else and your notes will always be valuable. Put them online and people can use them.

Perhaps your audience may be “selective” at first but hey even a selective audience is still an audience!

Our fledgling Secarma Labs research blog is instilling the words “Research, Share, Repeat” within our culture. These are words to live by and marquee events such as BSides Glasgow are brilliant ways to pass on enthusiasm.”

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