We will be presenting two workshops this year, both to be held in the Music Studio. As numbers are limited places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Sign up for workshops is at registration on the day by means of a very high tech sheet of paper and a pencil.

9am to 12am – Introduction to Windows Breakout by Steve Lamb

This hands on workshop provides a high level introduction to breaking out of a locked Windows environment, ranging from simple cosmetic lockdowns to a enterprise policies applied through AppLocker. It’s composed of a series of breakout exercises that will involve some trial and error, with time to play around and practice the techniques described.

Requirements – Laptop with enough storage for 20GB VM and 4GB of RAM, VirtualBox/VMWare installed to run VM; exercises have been checked on Linux Mint OS and Windows OS.  Please note that USBs will be handed out containing all workshop materials, though should any attendees wish to save time during setup they can download and boot up one of the free developer Windows VMs available at ahead of time
Attendees should have basic/intermediate Windows knowledge; some PowerShell knowledge useful


2pm to 5pm— Embedded Firmware Exploitation by Aaron Guzman


IoT firmware is the crux of what controls the many embedded devices within the world’s critical infrastructure. As technology evolves, firmware frameworks and underlying technology change at a much slower pace leaving a considerable amount of research from the security community to be performed. Join me as I share insider techniques gained from an IoT manufacture to discover and protect against software security bugs in firmware. Hands on demonstrations and labs will be given throughout the workshop. Upon completion of the workshop, trainees will learn the following:

  • How to identify vulnerabilities in embedded devices
  • – Understand the embedded security testing methodology, techniques, and tools
  • – Firmware reverse engineering, emulation, and binary exploitation
  • – How to backdoor firmware for MIPs and ARM architectures
  • Understand IoT botnet exploitation techniques that impact critical infrastructures


Requirements – Familiarity with Linux, Laptop with 4G RAM/25G free diskspace and USB access.  VMWare or VirtualBox installed.  A preconfigured VM with tools and labs will be distributed.