Stephen Bonner escaping from Alcatraz in 2017. This was before he donned the fetching green swimming cap.

Some of our delegates waiting for a talk to start at BSides Edinburgh 2017

The Royal Concert Hall in Buchanan Street Glasgow which will be our venue for 2018

There’s a bit of historical rivalry between Glasgow and Edinburgh – but we think they are both great!

Some of Scotland’s most ravishing scenery is within an hour’s drive of Glasgow.  This is the Argyll forest park where the organisers live.

Paddle steamer Waverley in her mooring on the Clyde.

The Crew T-Shirts turned out an interesting colour. All the better to be able to see us!

Glasgow has an interesting mixture of Victorian and modern architecture.  This picture shows the new Riverside museum celebrating the maritime tradition of the “Second City of the Empire”.

We couldn’t have done it last time without them.  Contact us if you are interesting in sponsoring BSides Glasgow.

Details of the Afterparty announced - see ! Also check out our Workshops page for details of what is happening and requirements for them


From the team that brought you BSides Edinburgh 2017…


Testing, development and Info Sec.

BSides Scotland

Bigger, better, in fact, pure dead brilliant


Coming to Glasgow for 2018


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